Version 0.0.17!

This version does not bring some massive improvements in UI or possibilities, but includes lots of internal changes. This changes are made towards performance, so pages should now be loaded quicker and response times should be lower! This version also takes us closer to search and widget that would be available for public use!

2019-02-22 16:45 | FFenix
Moderation update and login providers

In update 0.0.15 Acapella brings you the joy of moderating your feedback items! This moderation does not give you much abilities, but you can change states for feedback and lock specific item, if you wish to. This isn't the end, and we sure will be heading towards the best features that we can provide. As for other notable update - users can now use some OAuth providers to login with. To manage such logins just go to your profile page and link needed providers. If you don't need them anymore - just unlink them anytime also at your profile page. After linking providers you can use login through selected providers. List of providers is not final, and may be populated with more names in it. To other info: in near future there would be some good features and updates that would bring search, widget and proper moderation tools for people. As a sneak peek there also will be statistics info, so get ready for that also!

2019-01-05 21:06 | FFenix
Styles update and new features!

Version 0.0.14 brings updated styles with updated Semantic UI to 2.4.2. This update gets small card style update and project index page. Nothing else should be changed, as for visual style. As per backend - there are quite some changes, but they are not visible to major public yet. Actually not even available anywhere on the site. So be tuned to get your hands on new features that will be brought in near feature!

2018-11-26 14:36 | FFenix
Password reset

From version 0.0.12 you can reset passowrd! For other updates - they are internal and you should only know that everything will be better as of every update!

2019-03-24 16:55 | FFenix
User preferred languages & Betas

Now you can select your preferred language upon registration and on your profile page. Also, if there will be some betas available - you also can subscribe to them on profile page.

2019-03-24 16:55 | FFenix

At this time I've pushed first translations! As of now - they are English and Ukrainian. Russian will be sometime later on. They may be not perfect, so please tell us what we can polish to make it perfect! Have a great day!

2019-03-24 16:55 | FFenix
Slimmer site and other

Site now should load faster, as it's styling was slimmed. As for other improvements - soon site will have multiple languages to choose from. They will be English, Russian and Ukrainian.

2019-03-24 16:55 | FFenix
Feedback comments!

Now users, as well as item and project authors, can give some comments on feedback, so you can better react for your feedback. For now no replies or votes supported, but Markdown is! Just use Markdown in comments as in other markdown supported places and it will work. Stay tuned for replies, votes and feedback management! As for other stuff - translations are must, so they will also be here. Primary languages would be English, Ukrainian and Russian. Maybe users would be also contribute to translating, that would be great! Also, version bump to 0.0.5

2019-03-24 16:55 | FFenix
Basic project management is here!

Now you, as project owner, can lock, clear and delete your project. Lock will "freeze" project. No new feedback, comments and votes could be submitted. This could prevent spam or just lock project for legacy reasons. Clear will delete all existing feedback, comments and votes for selected project. Delete will remove project with(yes, you guessed it!) all feedback, comments and votes for this project. Also there is now possibility for stuff members to lock down projects. If project is "Locked by stuff" than your only hope is to speak to some stuff member about why that happened and could it even be possible to unlock your project. But if project is just "Locked", and you didn't do it - it did some stuff member to protect project. You can unlock it anytime you want. I assume that this will happen only to prevent fraud, spam and other bad things from happening, so don't be worry! And version bump to 0.0.4, yey!

2019-03-24 16:55 | FFenix
Hello world

Hello there! I would like to introduce you to Acapella! Acapella is service to gather user feedback from your projects. And.. It's free!. Basic usage would be always free, but some advanced features(not known which for now) may(or may not) be paid. Create project and give your users links to it. They will add some feedback(or 'items', as I call them) and vote for them, showing you importance of each one. But if project will be spammed with feedback - it may be locked. After lock no new items and votes can be submitted. You can view all project by clicking on 'Projects directory' on menu. Search will also be implemented sooner or later, so don't be worry about it. This is 'public' beta! So be warned. Current version could be seen in menu, and current version is 0.0.3. This service is definitely usable and pretty stable for everyday use. Just be gentle with it, that's all. One main reason for it - this service is hosted on Raspberry PI 3(also, as for now). This project needs polishing and some futures such as comments(we are heading for them, so don't worry!), but if you got some great idea that is not implemented - don't be shy to contact me and we will talk about it. You will find our page right here: It would be cool to see some feedback there, so don't be shy! Basic management of projects, items, votes is done by me(Flayer151) as for now. So if you need to edit or delete something - please contact me. This will be soon replaced by nice UI. Stay tuned and visit this page if you see that version has changed or any other time(because it's WIP you know) here will be changelog for this project. And my contacts: Telegram, Skype, Twitter, VK: @Flayer151 Email: [email protected]

2019-03-24 16:55 | FFenix